“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future” 


Key Stage 3 

The overall aims of the History Department are to stimulate at all levels an ability and interest in the subject and also develop an awareness, knowledge and understanding of events in the past that shape and influence our lives today. 

We study a broad range of significant events, with the key goal being to provide pupils with the necessary skills to be successful at GCSE level. 



GCSE History is a popular choice at the College. Pupils who work at Level 5 or above in English and display good analytical and evaluative skills are encouraged to choose the subject. 

Throughout the two-year course, three main topics are studied: 

1/ The USA. 1920-1932. 

2/ Northern Ireland and her neighbours. 1920-1949. 

3/ The Cold War and the new war on International Terror. 1945-2003. 

There are two final exams. Paper one can be completed at the end of Year 11 and repeated in Year 12 if necessary. There is no Controlled Assessment or Coursework. 

History Results