Integration & Ethos

CIC welcomes pupils of all traditions and abilities to learn together in a caring school community where self worth and mutual respect are highly valued. The core values identified within our school include "Everyone": Respect, Having a Voice, Equality, Recognition, Safety, Social Responsibility, Inclusivity, Belonging.
Core Values

We aim to create a supportive environment in which every pupil has the opportunity to fulfil their potential: personally, socially and intellectually, working together with parents and the wider community to create a learning environment beneficial to all.


“Attending an integrated school gives us a chance to mix with people from different colours, religions, abilities and beliefs.” Oisin Year 8

ETI Findings

‘The values of integration are evident in the very positive school ethos, the pupil-centred focus and the mutual respectful working relationships’. ETI

The Values of Integration

As part of the Integrated Family, our college differs from other schools in Northern Ireland by ensuring that pupils from diverse backgrounds and cultures are educated together every day in the same classrooms.

Empowering pupils as individuals is a priority for us so that as they grow and mature they are able to affect positive change in the shared society we live in.

We are proud to be integrated

We are proud to be an all-ability integrated college educating boys and girls from all communities and traditions within our society and working together with one common purpose: learning and achieving. We are committed to the principles of integrated education and strive to fulfil our vision:

“College Investing In Community”