Occupational Studies Technology & Design

Occupational Studies are vocational skills-based qualifications which enable the learner to sample a variety of work-based learning contexts.

Students who choose to follow the Occupational Studies Carpentry & Joiner option at the end of year 10 will work towards completing the following qualification:

Occupational Studies – Technology and Innovation

Topic Content 

The course consists of 2 modules with the first one studied being Carpentry and Joinery 

The Occupational Studies specification:  

  • has an occupational and employability focus;  
  • enables progression to other courses, training and employment;  
  • helps to raise levels of achievement, since learners are likely to be more motivated to achieve success through applying their knowledge in practical, work-related situations and contexts; and  
  • emphasises learning by doing, which will help learners to develop the transferable skills necessary in a changing and dynamic working environment. 

Learners are assessed on: 

  • Their recall of knowledge and understanding of the specified content (AO1) – 20% 
  • How they apply their knowledge, understanding and skills in occupational contexts through undertaking relevant tasks (AO2) – 60% 
  • Their ability to analyse and evaluate their work and make judgements about their performance, indicating where improvements could be made (AO3) – 20%