Crumlin Integrated College


School management

Principal:              Mr O’Hara

Vice Principal:    Mrs Magee


Senior Teachers:

Mrs McEvoy, Mrs McCabe


Designated Teachers for Child Protection:

Mrs McCabe (DT) and Mr McComb (Deputy DDT)



Senior Executive Officer                     Senior Clerical Officer              Clerical Officer

Mrs McNicholl                                      Mrs Hawthorne                          Mrs G Steele


Building Supervisor

Mr A Geddis


Subject Staff

Mr Acheson         Science/ICT                                  Head of ICT /Learning Support Coordinator

Mr Armstrong     Science                                          Head of Science

Mrs Moore           Science

Mrs Newburn      Mathematics                                Head of Mathematics  / Numeracy Coordinator

Miss Trainor        Mathematics                                Integration Coordinator   / Newcomer Coordinator

Mrs Magee          Geography                                     Head of Geography

Mrs Camlin         English Language                        Head of English  / Literacy Coordinator

Mrs Sheridan      English Language

Miss Boomer       English Language                        Head of Careers/Assistant Learning Support Coordinator

Mrs Gordon         Art                                                    Head of Art   

Miss McGookin   PE                                                     Head of PE

Mrs Beattie          Technology and Design                Head of Technology and Design 

Mr Kyle                 Technology and Design

Mrs McEvoy         Music                                               Head of Music /  Examinations Officer  / Head of Key Stage 4 Girls

Mr Tracey              Modern Languages                       Head of Modern Language / Head of Key Stage 3 Boys

Mr Jamieson         History                                             Head of History  

Mr Weir                 History

Mr McComb          Religious Studies                            Head of Religious Studies / Child Protection / Head of Key Stage 4 Boys

Mr Thompson      Religious Studies                             Head of Key Stage 3 Girls

Mrs McCabe         Home Economics, LLW, Irish      Head of Home Economics / Learning for Life and Work / Child Protection

Mrs Youngman     Hair and Beauty


ICT Network Manager

Mr Nesbitt

Cleaning Staff

Mrs A Kennedy, Mrs T Cunningham, Mrs T McCurry, Mrs M Williamson

Canteen Staff

Ms J Farr Head of Canteen

Mrs B McCullough, Mrs A Downes, Mrs T McCurry

Teaching Assistants 

Ms Fleming 

Mrs Hanna 

Mrs Heatley 

Mrs Jones

Mrs Kennedy 

Miss  McCann 

Mrs Price 

Miss Shannon 

Miss Turley 

Mrs Youngman 

Mrs Fletcher




Chairman Mr S Mulholland*

Vice Chairman Ms L Buchanen

Transferor Rev. J Murdock

Transferor Mr. R Mairs

Transferor Alderman Mervyn Rea

Parent Governor Mrs S Groundwater

Governor Mrs J Stagg

Governor Ms C Kaunda

Governor Mrs B McAuley

Governor Mr G Chipperfield

Teacher Governor Mr I Armstrong

Teacher Governor Mrs S McEvoy

EA Link Officer Mrs A O’Brien

*Designated Governors for Child Protection and Safeguarding